Can you afford not to invest in reviews?

For small businesses, reviews are worth gold. Not only do they lead to more business, more revenue per customer, and higher profits, they also lead to better SEO. You see, the more reviews you get, the more Google will show your profile in searches. Remember, their goal is to ensure that “searchers” have a good […]

Where to source your real estate leads?
real estate lead generation

In Real Estate, when it comes to getting leads, you have many choices. You can buy them from companies like Zillow or Realtor.com. You can advertise using Google adwords or other vehicles, in the hope to catch people when they are searching for real estate related terms. Or you can start building your own “organic” […]

The power of good photos
Real estate photography

It’s hard to attribute the sale of a listing to a photo set. But when you have overwhelming evidence that your photos drive leads, then it is safe to say that they also drive sales. We shot a listing which had been lingering for month — within two days of the photos being uploaded to […]

Zillow — friend or foe?

Some real estate brokers and agents think of Zillow as a great lead generation engine — they predictably deliver good quality leads. Some sellers, brokers, and agents, think of Zillow as a great marketing engine — they have a vast online reach. But what do you make of Zillow’s latest offers? Their “instant offer” option […]

Another new real estate website in VT

We are so happy with the work we did with the new website at https://bluesprucerealty.com. While we are still working out the kinks and finish up the sugaring process for this Northwest Vermont Realtor, we feel good about the results — we have a very personalized website, which reflects the culture of the company, and […]

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